Hematology MCQs: Chapter 3

Hematology MCQs: Chapter 3

Which of the following cannot affect the PFA-100 Closure Time?
Which anticoagulant is used for CBC?
What is the site of first choice for venipuncture?
The difference between Serum and plasma is
Trisodium Citrate acts by
What are the precautions that have to be taken via using anticoagulated vials?
Platelets are stored at temperature
What is the desired concentration of EDTA in Blood for best results?
Which is the average lifespan of platelets?
Which one is an important constituent of RBCs?
A 60 year old female presents with blurred vision, confusion and petechaiae With a platelet count of 29 x 103/ ul (29 x 109/L) ? PT: 12 Seconds , APTT: 32 Seconds
RED Cells Destruction Occurs After
During acute inflammation, which cells will produce predominant response?
What is normal pH of Blood?
Oxalates act by chelating calcium to form
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